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Too cold to think of blogging…


I dream of days of sunny light

Of cloudless skies

A starry night

I dream of heat rays from the sun

Of warmer times

And summer fun


My toes and fingers are all numb

My brain frozen

My thoughts all dumb


I wish that winter was away

Spring please come

For this I pray

Am I awake??

Today is one of those days where I actually start wondering why I even got out of bed. It is not 14h00 and I still have not figured out what kind of a mood I am in or whether in fact I am awake. I know that I have been totally polite and nice to people around me but I have this intense feeling of rage inside me which makes no sense at all because I look around me and think what a lovely day it is and how wonderful and bright everything looks.

Nothing in my world seems in sync today, I feel as though I am a mindless being just plodding through the day trying to find my way back to reality. I wonder if the people around me can see the confusion on my face and pray that they won’t. Twice today my “fine thank you” has been met with the “you don’t look too sure” and “is that a question?” response.

I do believe that I am fine thank you very much  –  Does  fine include walking around with a blank head, in a confused emotional state and a dumb look on your face? ; If it does then I am more than fine – I’m great!!

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