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Take the ride…

Yesterday was a day to get to know the people who live closest to me and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find that they really are as nice as I thought them to be. My daughter had all of us giggling and laughing as we remembered how fun youthful games are.

There we were – ranging from 11-58 years of age, taking turns to climb in a box and slide down the steep embankment, with a yea-ha and a whoooooo.

Obviously this was great fun, especially after the first nerve wrecking slide each, but after you have had a few drinks and have done this 4-5 times, that embankment becomes ultra steep and pretty difficult to climb.

Try picturing any 40+ adult, fairly tipsy at this point in time, with a glass in one hand, and a box in the other laughing uncontrollably while trying to get up a 45 degree neatly trimmed embankment.

One by one we all dropped out in search of our breath. I am amazed at how great it felt to throw caution to the wind and simply take the ride.

To all of you – the challenge is on – find a box, take a child and climb that embankment. Go on – take the ride!!!

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