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I’m back!!! I think…

Haaaa…. It’s been months since I have been able to blog and I have missed it terribly. I, as you might have read previously, got retrenched and therefore lost my internet connection seeing as how my home pc blew the motherboard the same week.

Well, I am proud to announce that I have managed to built up a new computer and installed Windows 7 Ultimate all by myself!!!

I did it, I did it!!!

oooh ooooh ooooh I did it!!!!



My Celebratory Jig!!!





Did I mention that I did it all alone???






1000 in a month!!!

I am so excited and happy, reached 1000 visits yesterday and that in my first month.

Thank you to everyone that read my blog in the past month, and to all the successful bloggers out there, I hope to be where you are one day. This month has been a rather hectic one for me and things haven’t exactly been going my way.

Help yourself to a slice of cake and thank-you once again for visiting. I am going to try reach 2000 in three weeks now. I better get down to serious writing I guess. Watch this space I will try to spruce it up.

Thank you bloggers for theTick-Tock..

Today I have gone through so many different emotions and moods – most of them were caused due to the amount of time I spent reading through other peoples blogs- the rest were caused by the medication which the doctor has put me on for the problem I have in my heart cavity.

Firstly,  the medicine I am taking has had me itching, nauseous, shaky and confused  –  none of which I’d consider a contributing factor to recovery from heart problems.

The blogs that I have read today on the other hand, have been very amusing – some are rather funny, others informative and a few are exactly what I need to get me all steamed up and pro/anti something or other.

The people who wrote the blogs that I have laughed, smiled, cried, cheered, baked, cursed and stretched my way through today are the ones to which I wish to say thank you.

Thank – you bloggers on wordpress.com for the emotional workout you have given me today. You have put the tick tock back in my heart.


Sorry peeps my heart decided to take the day off today so I have spent the day at hospital getting a medical certificate for work. Back soon

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