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For a moment with my love – The whisperings on Val’eve

This is a special post from Anglemen1978 to Purrrkittypurr :




For longer than a taste or two I will linger

Lips against lips softly against soft.

I will linger in eyes – my prison

Visions of sweetness of sweat, of lust.

For longer than a taste or two

Promisings of the ecstasy’s sins.

Dance soft – circles across my tongue

awakening and arousing.

Whispers auctioned

in the throes of passions

drink until my appetite is laid bare.

For a moment or two command my civility

my shadow, my touch

My very secret

into words spoken as prayer,

into words cried in breaths of consummation.

Perfection – as my own is wondered well

countless times -stabs and penetrates

into the salvation of the truth of desire.

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