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Every day I am amused at how words of the english language seem to have changed their meaning over the years. Some of the words have the same meaning they always did but my understanding of the word has changed (ie. I now know the real meaning!)

Take twit for example – all my life I called people twits until the day my english teacher told me that that was a pregnant goldfish. well dear Ms Rice – the term twit is given to “pregant goldfish” because the person seeing a pregnant goldfish is indeed the twit… Goldfish don’t get pregnant!!!

Twat – I always thought this had the same meaning as twit – until my mother locked me in my bedroom with a pile of dictionaries until I’d found the real meaning of the word and written an apology letter to my friend for calling her such a vulgar name!


Douche & douche bag – come on people, that’s also not a twit it is a jet of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygienic purposes and  guess the bag must be thing thing it came in. (and that is the real meaning – not the ugly thing adults seem to think it is either.

WON & WIN – Oh my word if I am to hear once more that I have WON something or other I think I will go berserk – I gave up entering competitions ages ago and still I “win” regularly – I dont even bother checking anymore because the fine print always reads as follows: “By subscribing to ____ you stand a chance to win…”

FREE – Free downloads, Free Movies, Free Holidays, everything is free. Do they know that free means AT NO COST WHATSOEVER and NOT with hidden costs or once you pay an insane monthly fee? My goodness – please ensure that you teach your children that only air is free and that is if you are not getting it from a medical facility of sorts.

Munchkin – Aaaaah isn’t she a Munchkin? How sweet!! Right? WRONG!!! According to my vet, who corrected me after hearing me use that as a term of endearment for my daughter, a munchkin is infact a deformed kitten with extremely short legs.

Other words and their meanings:

Blonde – fair of hair – stupid!!!

Blue eyed -to have blue eyes – to have a head full of air (airhead)

Brown eyed – to have brown eyes – to be full of sh*t (like every member of the SA government)

Gross – 144 – Yucky

Does any body know what a pismire is???

It’s a urinating ant!!!

pis·mire (pis-mahyuhr)


Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English pissemyre, equivalent to pisse to urinate + obsolete mire ant


Comments on: "Words change their meaning…." (2)

  1. Ha! I love this post! I did not know these things, but very glad I do now. Very fun read.

    • glad you enjoyed – have learnt over the years to discover the real meaning of a word before using it in the context in which I heard it.

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