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Grade my taste.

Okay so I’m still old school but life has taught me a lot and one of those things is that it’s fine for women to say damn what a fine piece of ass.

These are the 10 men that I like and each for a different reason. Some for a smile and others for the look, one or two just ooze sex appeal. There are 10 men below; out of 10 you rate my taste:  one point for each guy you agree with!

Who’s your favorite all time sexbomb?

Pierce - the all time gentleman

Pierce - the all time gentleman

Jack - for being the perfect evil guy (a strange sex appeal)

Hugh – Aaaah man – I don’t know but here he is.

Hugh - droopy eyes and crooked smile

Bruce - Need I explain? age makes improvements


Ali - Mmmm too cute on stage

Robert - Again I'm not too sure why

Richard - Just look at him

Jensen - Just purely to look at - - (and maybe touch)

Vin - shoulders with a soft side..

Comments on: "Grade my taste." (6)

  1. Jack? I don’t know about that one. I think he’s scary! But Pierce, Hugh Grant, Richard, and Robert? Count me in!*

    • AAAh come on look at hi when he does his sexy smile – or when he was joker – behind the paint
      thank you for reading

  2. Irene Cortez said:

    I don’t think you’re being old school, coz, these men are just so damn sexy, regardless of their age!

    My favorites are Pierce B. and Richard G. Haaawt men! 😉

  3. Richarrrrrd! YES! And BRUCE! Mmm!

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