whatever comes to mind…

I have been informed that I will be retrenched on the 31 August 2011.

Re – trenched??
break this down


…once more; afresh; anew…


  • 1 a long, narrow ditch.
  • a long, narrow ditch dug by troops to provide a place of shelter from enemy fire.

basically what I get from this is:

1 – I am once more in a long, narrow ditch


2 – I am, (afresh) for the first time, in a place of shelter from enemy fire..


I know how I am going to see it for now.  No-one can drag me down unless it’s for my own good.


Comments on: "Landing with my ass in the gutter…" (4)

  1. Join the party! I’m thinking we should just start having big unemployed people parties…I don’t know what we would do because we’re all broke but we’re intelligent and creative enough to figure out something!

    • Yeah well i can imagine there are different degrees of unemployment too, like maybe recently unemployed with the positive outlook, 2 month toddler unemployed with the stumbling around being fussy all the way to extra super unemployed who have made a career out of it. I just hope that i don’t get too far into it though. thank you for reading.

  2. You are now open to new possibilities! Retrenching just means you are digging yourself out of a hole. All will be well, the universe will provide for you.

    • I know my job sucks and I wanted a new one so now I have a reason to chase it. I not too concerned at this point i have a month to find something before I am officially unemployed

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