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Google panties??

Oh my word, I would never have guessed that people would Google panties. As a joke yesterday I tagged my blog with “panties” and was amazed when it showed four hits from tag panties and this got me intrigued so I went onto Google and decided to see what had these people’s knickers in a twist.

I was amazed to see the different types of knickers that are available to both men and women. I have attached a few pictures for you to look at. I am sure you will all recognize some of these and have plenty to say about others, so please go ahead and comment.






boys leg cut


hi cut


full panty


lacey panties


granny panties


the G string


frilly panties


the C string

Don't stretch for the top shelf.

C string for men

Comments on: "Google panties??" (4)

  1. anonnickus said:

    I actually thought there might be an item known as a “Google Panty” to some but not to me. I wanted to find out what it was.I was expecting Google as and adjective and it turned out to be a verb. That is so misleading it borders on ‘Yellow Journalism’. Good for you. Well done. Panties are our friends. Can be our friends is better.

  2. I thought the thong had to be the absolutely most uncomfortable panties ever conceived until I saw the C-string! In all fairness, however, I’ve never tested this hypothesis – nor will I ever test the C-string’s superiority in this regard! The C-string can be taken yet another level of absurdity, which is to make one of a fabric with a pattern or texture that resembles pubic hair. Then, should a police officer arrest you for indecent exposure, you can have the last laugh.

    • I am happy to report that there is indeed a fluffy c string which could be mistaken for the “naked look” try googling c string images and you’ll be surprised. what boggles my mind is – what happens if you buy them a size too big or too small???

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