whatever comes to mind…

Hello Kitty...


Comments on: "Just for a laugh say: Here kitty kitty…" (6)

  1. I read the title and was about ready to respond “You rang?” till I saw the pic and now…ummm..no. I’m all for freedom to be yourself, but as for me, that’s one place you’ll never see kitty’s face. Hell, who am I kidding, you won’t see it in the other anymore either. I think that’s called ‘being married’. Ha..ha.. I know…my poor old man, right?

  2. Ahh, caught me by surprise there.

  3. What a beautiful little pussy. You have certainly added a smile to my face this morning. Thank you.

    • Glad to be of assistance, keep that smile all day and bring joy to others. ps, regards to your mom too. thanks for reading.

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