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Oh yes, this is a very easy one to answer- I remember because it happened two months ago and I cried for days. I still feel the loss and will again come summer.

Until then my daughter, her young family and myself all lived in a flat together, we all decided to move our own separate ways. Come moving day we had 3 different moving vans there moving us to 3 different locations. And amongst all the confusion my daughter was left to pack the last few boxes.

I drove off with the van to my new house while me daughter was packing up my wardrobe, upon returning I ordered that all the boxes in my room get loaded and that while I was delivering them to the new house the garbage was to be carried out to the pavement.

Garbage bags

The move went pretty well considering the confusion of a three directional move.

Sunday morning I woke up in my new home and put on the same clothes I’d worn on Saturday and started unpacking the few boxes I had.  By the time evening came I was exhausted and had two boxes left to unpack. I had dinner and a nice hot shower and crawled into bed.

Monday morning bright and early I woke up and opened the boxes looking for something to wear to work. Mmm – kitchen appliances and curtains. Where are my clothes??

I call my daughter and ask her whether she had found my boxes of clothes only to be told that, no she hadn’t and that my clothes had been packed into black bags and left in the passage at the old flat.

These are the same black bags that we had ordered to be put on the pavement on Saturday afternoon. My entire wardrobe – underwear, shoes, everything, summer and winter… all gone!!!

I wept. In fact I sobbed for days.

The good thing is that now I have a wardrobe of only things I like and wear, only things that fit, and only things that are not outdated. The bad thing is that seasons change and when summer comes I have nothing to wear.

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  1. The same thing happened to my sister – we were just talking about it. It was about 25 years ago. Our large family went on vacation, and there weren’t enough suitcases. She used a black trash bag for her stuff and, you guessed it, someone tossed everything. At least she had more clothes at home.

    Congrats on an excuse for a new wardrobe, though. That’s not a bad thing!

    • nice thing is i had lost a lot of weight before this happened and was totally surprised when i went shopping and tried on sizes 14/12 and ended up buying 10/8 – a real boost to the ego. but as i said summer is coming and then i need to go to a lot of expense again

  2. OH NO! I did something similar in my last move!!!!

  3. How awful! I’d have cried for days too. I’ll have to remember this story, so I spare myself the same ordeal.

    hugs for sharing…so sorry…hope life is looking up. 🙂

  4. All is well that ends well, but what a shock it must have been!

  5. There always seems to be something that goes completely missing in a move. When you started the story I thought the tears would be over not living with your daughter anymore.

    • That has been a big adjustment too but when children are big and their wings aren’t clipped, they seriously need to leave the home. my daughter is 21 is engaged and has a daughter of her own. i need to be granny not a back up mom. so the move was for the best and the missing clothing was a good distraction to the loss of everyday family presence.

  6. I would have cried too, that must have felt like a total loss with the move as well. I’m moving in three days, I will make sure and keep an eye on my clothes which will probably end up in trash bags as well. Moving is such an upheaval…emotionally and literally.

    • My rule is when you are packing in a bag tape it closed, but my daughter couldn’t find the tape. Good luck with your move. thank you for reading. Just posted another blog on panties in case you do need a change in wardrobe. ; )

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