whatever comes to mind…

There are so many animals that come to mind on as a good answer to this question, I mean who couldn’t see themselves as a tiger or a cheetah, or a black panther? (After asking nearly everyone I saw that was the most popular answer)

My first choice was the tiger too. Then I stopped and thought about it a little more, I thought about my lifestyle and how being a tiger would effect it. Firstly a tiger is a beautiful animal and seems to take everything in it’s stride but has the clout it needs, but realistically what would happen if a tiger walked into a club, or shopping mall or into Mc Donald’s?

I went through a long list of animals and realized that in everyday life most animals would either be locked up in a zoo, a back garden, a cage or simply killed. Then I started thinking about which animal is least likely to be bugged by humans. Which animal would be left alone and not really bothered about or killed and I finally decided that probably a bat would be the best choice.

Picture the scenarios – walking down the street at night and someone following you – you change into a bat and who is going to notice you? Your stalker! And I bet he doesn’t still follow you.

In a mall you get all your goodies and walk to the check out, there is a queue a mile long. Poof you turn into a bat – everyone freaks out and runs, except maybe the staff, who grab mops and brooms and try swatting you out the air. Once the queues are clear you fly around the corner – poof you’re human and first in line.

After a night on the town you cannot get any sleep because everyone “needs” something, climb into the back corner of your cupboard and go to sleep – no-one would look for you in your cupboard and if they did they wouldn’t be looking up at the rail for you would they?

So the next time you see a bat swooping around just say hi – I could be me trying to get away from a stalker or jumping a queue. 

Comments on: "If you could change into any animal at will, which one would you choose?" (11)

  1. I’d be a bird, for sure. They require so little and I’ve never seen any overweight birds. Like, wouldn’t that pose special challenges for flying? They look so free when they’re flying and they’re bold enough to wake you up in the mornings when you’ve slept too late. They sound pretty too.

    • I thought of that too and then i heard my neighbors parrot, and the ringnecks from the aivary down the road from me but the idea of flight stuck and that’s why I chose a bat.

  2. I want to be a porcupine in my next life.
    Oh wait…that’s what I am now! Ha..ha..

  3. I want to be an Eagle. soaring high into the sky , enjoying the views, feeling the wind, just in total abandonment. freedom…

  4. I know this is pretty much a common response, but I’ve always wanted to be able to change into a cat. Not a big cat, but a common house cat. Colouring and breed I don’t really know, all I know is that I would love to be all sleek and graceful and be able to climb/jump like cats. And see well in the dark. I like cats in theory, but after living with one in the house (where I’m an Au Pair) I’ve decided NO PETS! At least one’s that shed. I can’t stand animal hair on my clothes whenever I decide to sit down somewhere.

    Also, thanks for subscribing!! ^_^

  5. I’ve never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out!

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