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Oh my goodness, if this morning hasn’t been the longest week ever…

I got to work this morning after a nice long and peaceful weekend of doing nothing but lying in/on my bed watching movies and — all hell broke loose.

My manager has decided to launch the new pricing on our software which is great, and what I been suggesting all along, what isn’t great however is the commotion that it has caused in the office. Everyone has an opinion- everyone wants help…

So I go looking for my happy place — the weekend — the movies:

AVATAR – aaah yeah look the wonderful scenery and the lovely peaceful world, the beautiful sky with all its pretty moons – AAAAAAAAArgh look at the size of that thing – and now it’s after me….


KUNG FU PANDA 2 – sweet little cartoons all on my side now, I’m just a big lovable bear and I can save the world. Say what?? I am adopted??? Okay I’m out of here – cannot handle the emotional stress…


THE REBOUND – I’m to blame here for leaving the hunky young guy, I blame it on the emotional stress of being adopted and not finding out until now…


CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE – mmmm I the oh so evil ex con now falls in love with my parole officer… and now the distrust… NO THANX






HOT CHICK, lightening thief, karate kid, butterfly effect, date movie, how to train your dragon, she’s out of my league, bad boys 2 – PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS AND MORE PROBLEMS

OH DAMMIT – no matter which I try going to, to find my happy place, I find problems, I guess there is no happy place unless you play to the end… so back to work – back to reality!! Got to reach the end…

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  1. Sadly, you can seldom find a ‘happy place’ in any movie now, including animation. I suggest reading a ‘feel-good’ book next time. Better yet, spend the entire weekend in your yard drinking like I do sometimes. I put on a little instrumental ‘Jan Hammer’ music, kick back, soak in the suds from the brewski, and pretend I’m on vacation in Miami. You’re a writer like I am…use that damn imagination of yours. 😉 Sometimes I even include a younger, Miami Vice, Don Johnson in the equation. Oh the naughty things he whispers in my ears. ha..ha..

    • mmm Remember his LP he brought out?? i had that until some cow at hostel stole it… well as you know i did spend the day relaxing under heavy sedatives. Feeling great today with a few new priorities.

      • Huh-uh. I had to look it up just now when I read that. He put one out in 1986. Umm..I think I’ll stick with watching him in old movies. I just don’t see him as a crooner.
        I don’t know if you’re familiar with Jan Hammer, but he’s the one that composed all the music for Miami Vice back in the eighties. I love the Caribbean ‘feel’ to it. I had the cd’s “Escape From Television” and “Beyond The Mind’s Eye”. I have no idea what happened to them during a move from one house to another. I replaced them both with “Miami Vice: The Complete Collection”. I just love it. It takes me away to another place when I’m out in the sunshine on my lounger drinking. Of course, part of that has to do with the fact I’m a die-hard Miami Vice fan. God, Don Johnson was such a babe back then. Seen him lately? Let’s just say I don’t feel so bad about aging.
        I’m glad you’re feeling better. I had a scare back in Feb/Mar of last year, I believe it was. I was sure I was having heart problems and the old man took me into the ER. They ran tons of tests on me and all came back that my heart was fine and strong. I was relieved, because heart disease runs in my family. They told me it was a severe case of anxiety. When I told them that I had an anxiety disorder, but this felt different, they told me I was allowing stuff to get to me and it was getting worse. I fixed that quick. I stopped worrying so much about everyone else. I gave myself an opinion and stopped holding back. I screamed when I felt like it. I didn’t push myself to do more than I wanted to. By this January I’d gotten the courage to start my own blog, and have never felt better because I repress nothing now. My family hasn’t been thrilled, but I’m feeling great! Sometimes you just gotta look out for yourself. Take this wake-up call and run with it babe!!!

      • funny thing is that mine was caused by an infection of sorts that caused swelling in chest cavity around the heart. but i am now finally at the stage in my life where my life is all about me. i live alone and do as i please – my children are all grown up and i really have no one to consider but myself. so really mine was not stress related, just a bad set of circumstances i guess.

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