whatever comes to mind…

Message from my mind.

I got a fortune cookie today which read:

“HELP!!! I am being held hostage in a bakery in China.”

I have no doubts that it is true and that this is a message from my brain!

I am a little concerned as to why it was in China for one thing —

and for another; why a bakery?

I’ll have it back tomorrow!!

(ps.Tuesday I was scatterbrain, Wednesday I was sick… now this!)

Comments on: "Message from my mind." (3)

  1. Speaking of fortune cookies… the rule when family and friends eat chinese with me is that I get the best fortune, since I’m the one with the shittiest luck. We all open, read them aloud, and the one with the best just hands it over. The fact that they are so willing to do this doesn’t pose well with how my life looks to them, does it? Ah…well, nuts!

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