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Do you know him???

First thing in the morning you find him cuddled up to you, taking most of the space on your bed. As soon as you are awake – even before your eyes open – he starts wanting your affection and attention, pushing his way into your arms.

When finally you realize that you are not going to be left in peace and drag yourself from bed – he jumps up and leads the way to the kitchen – demanding food. It’s a mad commotion trying to get from drawers to fridge to cupboards in an effort to get his food prepared while all the while tripping over him.

Finally with his breakfast served and him quietly enjoying the feast, you have a few minutes to yourself. Dash back to the bedroom get showered and dressed and prepare for the long day ahead. Back in the kitchen you prepare your own breakfast which you’ll probably be conned into sharing with him.

Breakfast over and dishes done you walk through to the tv room to find him sprawled out on the couch in the sun, getting ready for a morning of relaxation while you got off to the shops.

Returning from the store he passes you in the doorway. “Where are you off to?” you ask, only to be given a backward glance and a look that says “none of your business.”  After spending the day doing a multitude of tasks around the house, you start preparing dinner.

It is getting dark out and you know that very soon now he will be home, hungry and impatient.

You go through the motions automatically; dishing the food into his bowl and setting it out for him to eat. You then go over to the door to greet him as he silently walks right past you and straight to his food.

As you stand in the doorway watching him eat you realize that no matter how he treats you, you will always love that cat!!


Comments on: "Do you know him???" (16)

  1. great think…………

  2. Spoken like a true cat lover. My two ‘girls’ recently had five kittens each from the same black Tom that my husband now would love to kill if he steps paw back on the acreage. Though outdoor cats, I couldn’t resist these babies, and had to bring three of them inside. One looks tabby, one tortoise shell, and one pure black. Go figure I would become attached at the hip with the black one I call “Boo”. Should be boo-hoo cause she bawls for my attention constantly now. My husband says my relationship with the kitten has become ‘sickening’…and I quote him. It’s nice to know other people are a bit warped too.
    Anyway, I saw you were on my blog and just had to stop by and say “Hello”. PissyKitty is the name…throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks is my game. Ha…ha.. Very nice to meet you Tinkertoot!

  3. I was so intrigued by this post….it took a moment or two to figure out where it was going, though. Clever!

  4. That was really funny. Great post.

  5. yes, I’m quite familiar with such relationships… but we try to give a little space to one another.

  6. Right on!

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