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Pesky pests!!!

How the hell can a thing as tiny as a fruit fly annoy me so much??

Little bastards!!

I’ve been sitting at work all morning clapping in the air around my head like a happy little retard, trying to chase off the fruit flies that have invaded my office.

The one with 11 legs and nine lives chose to fly past my nose as I inhaled and that started my nose running and my eyes watering. It was just at that moment that the brave little short sighted fuc*er decided to look deep into my eye and got stuck to my eyeball.

So now I have a tickling terrorist up my nasal cavity that is seriously doing a victory dance and the short sighted fuc*er in my eye who has decided to start doing backstroke in my tears.

Now I am rubbing my nose and trying desperately to fish the olympian swimmer from my eye and guess what??

This is when two more camacazi pilots decide to annoy me— so in the confusion of rubbing my nose, picking my eye ball, holding my breath and clapping and slapping the air around my head I finally end up branding myself with a lovely red mark on my forehead. Now not only do I have the fruit flies to contend with but I seem to have a few little black spots floating around between them.

I have learnt quite a bit today – Power definately comes in numbers and size does not count! But more than that I have learnt that I most undoubtedly hate fruit flies!!!


Comments on: "Pesky pests!!!" (4)

  1. Hey mom lol very funny seems like bugs don’t want to leave u alone.

  2. Flavius Mihaiu said:

    At least it’s not mosquitoes. I hate when you think one has gone into your ear. That’s the worst feeling for me. Funny read. A fly swatter might help. 😛

    • Luckily not. unfortunately there is not swatter at work and even if there was they are so tiny that i dont know if a swatter would work. thank you for reading…

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