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So yesterday was the day that I had finally had enough of people’s assumptions and decided to put my thoughts across with no uncertainty. I am sure that there are a few people out there that might think I am being unfair and a little harsh but I pride myself on honesty and expect other people to be honest in return.

If I think back over things that I have done in my life, or things that have been done to me, I find it rather difficult to find regrets. This might seem unbelievable to most people but I am a realist and things happen for a reason – either I duffed up or someone else did.

When something goes wrong in my life I choose to see it as a lesson learnt. I might be upset about it for a day or two while I try to figure out what could be learnt from it and then I move on to the next page. If someone does something to offend me I will first of all remain quiet, if that is not warning enough then I will confront them.

If someone lies to me, I will confront them and give them the opportunity to redeem themselves but if they feel that it is appropriate to stick to their lies then they are gone. Lies are simply other peoples’ way of telling you that they thing you are a fool. I am not a fool for no-one and if I have confronted you about your lie and you lie to my face again then screw you – you’re a fool!

I am pretty straightforward and if I say I like you- I do, this does not mean that I love you, I need you , I want you- it means I like you!!! If I say I find you attractive and sexually pleasing – this again does not mean I love you or I need you, it simply means I want you – for a while at least.

Assumptions can be very dangerous and can lead to a lot of mayhem and

misunderstanding. Assumptions can really mess up situations that could otherwise have been great fun. I wish that I could just get it through to the people around me that by lying your way through life you are living life expecting people to lie to you.

I expect people to be honest with me and I find it extremely insulting when they aren’t and even more insulting when they assume that I am not honest with them.

Ps. I still want you – I don’t love you!!


Comments on: "Honestly… honesty please!!!" (4)

  1. nonaseven7 said:

    Awesome! I agree with you 1,000,000,000%. When will people understand honesty is the best way to live your life; and if you haven’t been honest then be a big enough person to accept your faults. Damn! lol.

  2. Interesting attitude… which I can understand and sympathize with… but sometimes I’ll settle for a good story.

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